About Beyond Tomorrow

Beyond Tomorrow is an organization which aims to inspire and support students to strive for and achieve academic excellence. We believe that it is possible to progress from an average student to a top student. So we motivate students to push boundaries in their studies and achieve excellence, irrespective of prevailing circumstances. This is because we know that the benefits for achieving academic excellence are more than just good grades on a sheet – they include psychological, social, financial and more. The benefits are beyond the individual and beyond tomorrow. However, if students do not appreciate these benefits or see them in the lives of role models, they may not strive for academic excellence, because people are driven by understanding the merits of their efforts.

To build excellent leaders and a great continent, beyond tomorrow.


  1. To enlighten students about the benefits of academic excellence

BT believes that the benefits of achieving academic excellence are beyond the individual and beyond tomorrow. They are for the entire nation.

  1. To unearth potential, improve confidence and motivate students for excellence

Often, students leaving high school for tertiary institutions are not properly informed about what lies ahead, and what is required of them to achieve success. As a result, many end up graduating with a degree with weak grades, without achieving excellence. Some become frustrated due to poor performance and many drop out of school (50% of students who enter higher education in South Africa leave without a degree), not because they do not have the potential for excellence but because of the lack of proper preparation. At Beyond Tomorrow, we believe that every student has the potential for excellence which we seek to unearth for distinguished results.   

  1. Equip students with principles and support them to develop life skills for success.

Success, more than the distinctions one acquires in school, is the distinctions one acquires in life. At our talks, workshops and through our books, we teach powerful, practical and relevant principles to help students excel in school and in life in general.



“The quality of a man's life is in direct proportion to his commitment to excellence, regardless of his chosen field of endeavor." – Vince Lombardi

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