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Beyond Tomorrow: Fundamental Principles for Achieving Academic Excellence


Many books have been written on how to achieve success in life but few have shown students how to strive for and achieve success early in life. Beyond Tomorrow shows the student the benefits of achieving academic excellence. It uses practical nuggets and real life experiences to motivate students to achieve excellence, and fundamental principles to show them how to do so. It is simply written and the message is practical. Beyond Tomorrow has the unique quality of being suitable for high school students and university students as well. This quality comes from the concise nature of the book and the practical timeless principles it contains.  It is a book every student should have.

This book was authored by Braimoh Bello and the foreword by the then Minister for Education, Ms Naledi Pandor. Beyond Tomorrow is a book written for students in higher education (colleges and universities) and those preparing to enter the system. In the author’s words, “It has always been my dream to write a book that will show students how to strive for and achieve academic excellence in their studies, irrespective of their situation. This dream stems from my own experience at university. In my first year at university, I was an average student at the verge of failure, but all that changed when someone motivated me to decide for excellence. Indeed I graduated a top student – under difficult financial conditions – and I am reaping the benefits today. I then realized that excellence does not belong to ‘geniuses’ but to those who know and apply success principles. Ever since graduating, I have been involved in motivating and mentoring students and I have received tremendous and reassuring feedback. I have put these principles together in Beyond Tomorrow for the country and continent at large. Academic excellence is a vital avenue through which we can develop excellence in our continent. This is because the principles for academic excellence are much related to principles for success in many facets of life. Therefore, this book is more than an academic book – it is a life skills book.

Braimoh Bello also co-authored Oasis: a collection of poems and inspirations with Gabriella Makulumo.

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