Defining Excellence

People often ask me, "What is excellence?" I define excellence as bringing out the best that lies within you for the good of those around you. So excellence is not necessarily about competition or being on top. Rather it is an attitude and the continual commitment to being your best.

Excellence is not a skill, it is an attitude and a characteristic. An excellent person is excellent irrespective of orevailing circumstances. Excellence is a quality that we all like to see. An employer delights in an excellent employee and a father is proud of an academically excellent child. We do not need to go around asking people if we are excellent because excellence is palpable.

Yes, you can be excellent and we all should be excellent. Here are some reasons why we have no option but to be excellent in what we do:

AFirst, God, in whose image we are created, is excellent. If God is excellent, then genetically we are excellent - at least created to be so.

Second, the world system in which we live does not tolerate mediocrity, but celebrates excellent people - excellent students, excellent employees, excellent sports people are recognised and rewarded.

Third, a person's spirit only celebrates excellence. No student screams for joy when he fails exams. Even the least serious student is heartbroken when he fails. His internal system (his spirit) cries, "You are better than this, you were created for excellence."

Last, Africa needs excellent people because an omelet is only as good as the eggs. Africa needs scientists, engineers, teachers, designers, and purposeful leaders.

Excellence is not a product; it is a characteristic and an identity. Some people think that good salaries bring out excellence. It doesn't. On the contrary, good salaries are the reward for excellence. If you are an employee today and would love to be a boss tomorrow, think like a boss and take initiative like the boss, and tomorrow the reward might be yours. If you are a student, pursue knowledge and achieve excellent grades irrespective of present problems. It is by pursuing excellence today that you can change your future tomorrow.

A life of excellence is a life of quality. The benefits of excellence are countless, including satisfaction, financial success, recognition, and a better Africa for all.

You make yourself indispensable and sellable when you prove yourself capable. While average people await 10 percent annual increase, excellent people get far more by their productivity. The legendary American football coach Vince Lombardi said that the quality of a man's life is directly proportional to his commitment to excellence irrespective of their chosen field. Decide to be excellent today - that's what you were made to be.

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